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The History of Punk Rock and New Wave: Part III



312 SONGS!!!

1984 Tales of Terror
“Chambers of Horror”

1984 Isolation Ward (Belgium)
“Meat in Motion”

1984 Rattus
“Live Leeds”

1984 Oxz (Japan)

1984 Cock Sparrer
“Runnin’ Riot”

1984 Agnostic Front
“Victim in Pain”

1984 Chin-Chin
“We Don’t Wanna Be Prisoners”

1984 Scorched Earth Policy (New Zealand)
“Too Far Gone”

1984 Rövsvett (Sweden)

1984 Hagar The Womb

1984 Discharge
“The More I See”

1984 7 Seconds
“Definite Choice”

1984 The Flying Lizards
“Sex Machine”

1984 Black Flag
“My War”

1985 The Kick (Switzerland)
“I Got a Gun”

1985 Fecal Matter
“Kill Buffy”

1985 The Adult Net
“Searching For the Now”

1985 Rites of Spring

1985 Rubella Ballet
“See Saw”

1985 XIT
“Silent Warrior”

1985 Look Blue Go Purple (New Zealand)
“Circumspect Penelope”

1985 Crude SS (Sweden)
“Destroy Capitalism”

キャ→ Slapdash (Japan)

1985 Mobs (Japan)
“Projection of Astral Body”

1985 Electrified – Fukuko (Japan)
“Golden Gate”

1985 Nisses Nötter (Sweden)
“Victims of the War”

1985 Mellakka (Finland)

1985 Devo ‎
“Girl U Want”

1985 ‎Conflict
“Protest to Resistance”

1985 Ataque De Caspa (Spain)
“Viaje A Egipto”
1985 Pohjasakka (Finland)
“Tapa Sotilas”
1985 Black Flag
“In My Head”
1986 Pixies
“Broken Face”
1986 Aventuras De Kirlian (Spain)
“Una Historia”
1986 We’ve Got A…. Fuzzbox…. And We’re Gonna Use It!!
“Rules & Regulations”
1986 Gang Green
1986 Mercenárias
1986 Big Black
“Crack Up”

1986 Bad Brains
“I Against I”

1986 RAP (Japan)
“迷宮” → “Labyrinth”

1986 Sham 69
“If the Kids Are United”
1986 Reagan Youth
“It’s a Beautiful Day”

1986 RAP (Japan)

1986 Dag Nasty
“Under Your Influence”

1986 キャ→ Kyah (Japan)
“I am Bitch or Not”

1986 The Milkshakes
“Jack the Ripper”

1986 Bad Brains
“House of Suffering”

1986 Youth of Today
“Make a Change”

1986 Mobs (Japan)
“Projection of Astral Body”

1986 Cro-Mags
“We Gotta Know”

1987 Thee Mighty Caesars
“You Make Me Die”

1987 Gomess (Japan)
“War to the Knife”

1987 Pyhäkoulu (Finland)

1987 Embrace

1987 Brain Death (Japan)
“Funny Dancing”

1987 Fflaps
“Dilyn Dylan”

1987 Sabotaasi (Finland)

1987 Dog Faced Hermans (Scotland)

1987 White Zombie

1987 Pyhäkoulu (Finland)
“Ei Maitoa Tänään”

1988 Pixies
“Something Against You”

1988 Bad Brains
“At the Movies”

1988 Operation Ivy
“Junkie’s Runnin’ Dry”

1988 Love Child
“He’s so Sensitive”

1988 Wild Billy Childish and the Blackhands
“Anarchy in the U.K.”

1988 L7

1988 The Disturbed (Scotland)
“Who Do You Think”

1988 NOFX
“Shut Up Already”

1988 Joan Jett
“I Hate Myself for Loving You”

1988 Didjits
“Under the Christmas Fish”

1988 The Vaselines
“Molly’s Lips”

1988 The Pogues
“If I Should Fall from Grace with God”

1988 3-D (Brazil)


1989 Bad Brains
“Soul Craft”

1989 Nirvana

1989 The Go Team
“Scratch It Out”

1989 Melvins
“Creepy Smell”

1989 Thee Headcoats
“Young Blood”

1989 Gorilla Biscuits
“New Direction”

1989 Believer

1989 The Offspring
“Jennifer Lost the War”

1989 Pixies
“Gouge Away”


1990 Autoclave
“Dr. Suess”

1990 Jesus Lizard
“One Evening”

1990 Lunachicks
“Jan Brady”

1990 Thee Headcoats
“We’re Gone”

1990 Beatnik Termites
“When She’s Nearby”

1990 Viva Knievel
“Boy Poison”

1990 Thee Headcoats
“A Town Named Squaresville”

1990 Rocket from the Tombs
“What Love Is”

1990 Bad Brains
“Rock for Light”

1991 Nirvana

1991 Jesus Lizard

1991 Calamity Jane

1991 The Barbie Army
“Don’t Wait”

1991 GG Allin
“Kill the Police”

1991 The Stinky Puffs
“The Stinky Puffs”

1991 Pennywise
“Wouldn’t It Be Nice?”

1991 Chaos UK
“No Security”

1991 Fudge Tunnel
“Hate Song”

1991 Pixies
“Planet of Sound”

1991 Nightmare (Japan)

1991 Thee Headcoatees
“Wild Man”

1991 Disaster

1991 Chaos UK
“4 Minute Warning”

1991 Bad Brains
“Return to Heaven”


1991 The Barbie Army
“Take Down the Flag”

1991 Sick of It All
“Injustice System”

1992 Jesus Lizard

1992 Sonic Youth
“Sugar Kane”

1992 Thee Headcoatees
“Davey Crockett (Gabba Hey)”

1992 Bikini Kill
“Don’t Need You”

1992 The Mummies
“The Fly”

1992 The Breeders

1992 Iced Tea
“Cop Killer”

1992 Babes In Toyland
“Bruise Violet”

1992 Helmet

1992 Tribe 8
“Femme Bitch Top”

1992 Fudge Tunnel

1993 Nirvana
“Where Did You Sleep Last Night”

1993 The Nuns
“Do You Want me on my Knees?”

1993 The Queers
“You’re Tripping”

1993 Excuse 17

1993 Crass
“Berketex Bribe”

1993 Butthole Surfers
“Who Was in My Room Last Night?”

1993 Slant 6
“What Kind of Monster are You?”

1993 Bad Brains

“Great Cop”

1993 Bikini Kill
“Rebel Girl”

1993 Dog Faced Hermans (Scotland)
“How We Connect”

1993 Heartless Martin
“You Can’t Break a Broken Heart”

1993 Huggy Bear
“No Sleep”

1993 Melvins
“Honey Bucket”

1993 Nirvana
“Scentless Apprentice”

1994 Frumpies
“Safety First”

1994 Emily’s Sassy Lime
“Teenage Superstar”

1994 Sonic Youth
“Bull in the Heather”

1994 Avail
“South Bound 95”

1994 Disclose
“Dying of Disease”

1994 Helium
“Pat’s Trick”

1994 Nailbomb

1994 Veruca Salt

1994 Heavens to Betsy

1994 Deadbolt
“Down in the Lab”

1994 7 Year Bitch
“Hip Like Junk”

1994 Sunny Day Real Estate

1995 Bad Brains
“Cool Mountaineers”

1995 Rancid
“Time Bomb”

1995 Team Dresch

1995 The Third Sex

1995 The Vice Barons (Belgium)
“Fuzzy ‘n’ Wild”

1996 Red Aunts
“Can’t Do Anything Right”

1996 Skinned Teen
“Pillowcase Kisser”

1996 Naked Aggression
“Right Now”

1996 Fluffy
“Technicolour Yawn”

1997 Tura Satana
“Dry” (Live)

1997 The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
“The Impression That I Get”

1997 Cold Cold Hearts
“Cute Boy Discount”

1997 The Orange County Supertones
“Little Man”

1997 Angelica
“Teenage Girl Crush”

1998 Cadallaca
“Your One Wish”

1998 Officer Negative
“Real Faith”

1998 Devotchkas
“Oi Toy”

1998 Billy Childish / Dan Melchior
“Bottom of the Sea”

1998 Julie Ruin
“The Punk Singer”

1999 At the Drive-In
“One Armed Scissor”

1999 The White Stripes
“Jimmy the Exploder”

1999 Kenickie
“Save Your Kisses for Me”

1999 Lunachicks
“Say What You Mean”

1999 Las Ultrasonicas
“Vente en mi Boca”

1999 Las Ultrasonicas
“Mounstro Verde”

2000 Bangs
“Into You”

2000 Bratmobile
“Eating Toothpaste”

2000 Dogwood
“Building a Better Me”

2000 Resistant Culture
“Ancient Future”

2000 Menstrual Tramps
“Banned From the Pubs”

2001 Blackfire
“It Ain’t Over!”

2001 Milkhouse (Spain)
“No Podras”


2001 Kaaos (Finland)

2001 The Strokes ‎
“Last Nite”

2001 The White Stripes
“Fell in Love With a Girl”

2002 Bad Brains
“Jah Love”

2002 The Donnas
“Take It Off”

2002 Flogging Molly
“Drunken Lullabies”

2002 Las Ultrasonicas (Mexico)

2002 The Vines
“Get Free”

2002 Tsunami Bomb
“Take the Reins”

2002 Squad Five-O
“I Don’t Want to Change the World, I Just Want to Change Your Mind”

2003 The Distillers
“The Hunger”

2003 Yeah Yeah Yeahs

2003 FM Static
“Definitely Maybe”

2003 The Distillers
“Coral Fang”

2004 Arctic Monkeys
“I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor”

2004 The Casual Dots

2004 The Killers
“Somebody Told Me”

2004 The Priscillas
“All My Friends Are Zombies”

2004 Le Tigre

2004 Franz Ferdinand
“Take Me Out”

2004 Bloc Party

2004 Maximo Park
“Apply Some Pressure”

2004 Kaiser Chiefs
“I Predict a Riot”

2004 Le Tigre
“After Dark”

2004 Flatfoot 56

2005 Sleater-Kinney

2005 The Brat Attack
“Mr. Capitalist”

2005 Spookey

2005 The Orange County Supertones

2005 Superchic[k]
“We Live”

2005 Dropkick Murphys
“I’m Shipping up to Boston”

2005 Headnoise
“Hey America”

2006 Partyline
“Trophy Wifey”

2006 Spider & the Webs
“Save Me”

2006 Razorlight

2006 The Morlocks
“Dirty Red”

2006 Jack Off Jill
“Media C Section”

2006 Distress (Russia)
“Делай, Что Тебе Говорят” (Do What You’re Told)

2006 Jesus Wept
“Break Me”

2006 Jessy Bulbo (Mexico)

2007 Bad Brains
“Give Thanks and Praises”

2007 Scout Niblet
“Let Thine Heart Be Warmed”

2007 Finally Punk
“Primary Colors”

2007 Relient K
“I Need You”

2007 She Devils (Canada)
“Nada Para Mi”

2008 Adickdid @Muziekgieterij

2008 New Bloods
“Oh, Deadly Nightshade!”

2008 少年ナイフ → Shonen Knife (Japan)
“スーパーグループ” → “Super Group”

2008 Gossip
“Heavy Cross”

2008 Hawk Nelson
“Friend Like That”

2008 Las Ultrasonicas (Mexico)
“Que Grosero!” (Sin Censura)

2009 Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

2009 Bitchfits
“Die Die My Darling”

2009 Tierra y Libertad (Land and Freedom)

2009 Tyranna
“Back Off Baby”

2009 Mika Miko
“I Got a Lot (New New New)”

2010 Fireflight

2010 Ninja Dolls
“Who Am I Fooling?”

2010 The Coolies (New Zealand)
“Pull the Trigger”

2010 The Bombpops
“Outta Hand”

2011 The Black Keys
“Gold on the Ceiling”

2011 The Phantasms
“I Saw Batman in the Launderette”

2011 Civet
“Summer of Hate”


2011 Wild Flag

2011 Skizophrenia (Japan)

2011 Slutever
“So Prone”

2012 Pussy Riot (Russia)
“Putin Lights Fires”

2012 EYES=合図 (Japan)
“悲鳴” → “Scream”

2012 Melusaaste (Finland)

2012 Acute (Japan)

2012 Happy Ol’ McWeasel (Slovenia)
“Irish Rover”

2012 METZ
“Wet Blanket”

2012 MELUSAASTE (Finland)
“Saatanan Nazi”

2012 Lashdown
“Face Our Time”

2013 Shannon and the Clams
“Rip Van Winkle”

2013 Belgrado (Spain)
“Jeszcze Raz”

2013 Gas Rag
“Human Rights”

2013 La Luz

2013 Rock-A-Cherry (Japan) 
“あいさつ運動” → “Greeting Exercise”

2013 Potty Mouth

2013 Slutever

2013 Absolved
“Relentless Leathernecks”

2013 Joanna Gruesome

2013 Healthy Junkies

2013 Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons
“Get Outta My Face”

2013 Kitten Forever
“Rat Queen”

2013 The Charm the Fury
“Carte Blanche”

2013 The Julie Ruin
“Oh Come On”

2014 Rough Francis
“Not a Nice Guy”

2014 The Coathangers
“Follow Me”

2014 Plague Vendor
“Black Sap Scriptures”

2014 The Muffs
“Weird Boy Next Door”

2014 ¿Que Pasa?

2014 Maid of Ace
“Bone Death”

2014 A Pretty Mess
“Spit Me Out”

2014 Barb Wire Dolls

2014 The Interrupters
“Take Back the Power”

2014 The Nerves

2014 Semblant
“What Lies Ahead”

2014 White Lung
“Face Down”

2015 Bruise Violet
“Anxiety Attack”

2015 Downtown Boys
“Wave of History”

2015 Mommy Long Legs

2015 Exit Order
“Take the Bait”

2015 Slaves
“The Hunter”

2015 Damn Broads
“We Are Who We Are”

2016 Milk Teeth
“Brain Food”

2016 Hands Off Gretel
“My Size”

2016 Moose Blood

2016 Krimewatch

2016 In Evil Hour

2016 Skinny Girl Diet
“Silver Spoons”

2016 The Elected Officials

2016 The Holy Smokes

2016 A Tribe Called Red
“Stadium Pow Wow”

2016 Jungle Nausea
“Air Conditioner From Hell”

2017 Bruise Violet

2017 Five Iron Frenzy
“A Flowery Song”

2017 ガセネタ (Japan)
“社会復帰” → “Rehabilitation”

2017 Negro Terror
“Voice of Memphis”

2017 Girlpool

2017 The 1865

1980 Kitchen and the Plastic Spooons (Sweden)

2017 King Krule
“Dum Surfer”

2017 Turbulent Hearts
“Crazy Girl”

2017 Charly Bliss

2017 Creeper
“Black Rain”

2017 Exit Order
At St. Stephens Church in DC

2018 Dream Wife
“Hey Heartbreaker”

2018 Headnoise
“Turn It Up”

2018 The Murder Capital (Ireland)
“SOMA x O’Hara’s Sessions”




© JoDa Hodge 2019
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