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The History of Punk Rock and New Wave: Part II



369 SONGS!!!

1981 Minor Threat
“Stepping Stone”

1979 Aunt Sally (Japan)
“すべて売り物” → “All for Sale”

1979 Airmail
“In a Moment”

1979 The Cubes
“On a Leash”

1979 Lo Tek
“Live at the Earth Tavern”

1979 Disturbed
“I Don’t Believe”

1979 Delta 5
“Mind Your Own Business”

1979 Usch (Sweden)
“Ditt Eget Liv”

1979 The ‘B’ Girls
“‘B’ Side”

1979 Blinxong
“Instant-This Instant-That”

1979 The Model Citizens
“Shift the Blame”

1979 Jaqui & Jeanette
“194 Radio City”

1979 Sic
“Voltage Control”

1979 Property Of…
“Property Of…”

1980 Dead Kennedys
“Holiday in Cambodia”

1980 The Brat
“Leave Me Alone”

1980 Kleenex → LiLiPUT (Switzerland)

1980 The Troggs
“Save the Last Dance for Me”
1980 Vain Aims ‎
1980 Circle Jerks
“Deny Everything”
1980 Chandra
1980 Abwärts (Germany)

1980 Young Marble Giants ‎
“Final Day”

1980 X
“White Girl”

1980 The Cosmopolitans ‎

“(How to Keep Your) Husband Happy”

1980 The Pretenders

1980 The Pop Group
“One out of Many”

1980 Pylon

1980 Daleks

1980 D.O.A.
“World War Three”

1980 The Teen Idles

1980 Typhus (Japan)
“ノータッチ” → “Do Not Touch”

1980 Typhus (Japan)
“ノータッチ” → “Do Not Touch”

1980 The Bureaucrats
“Feel the Pain”

1980 Neo Boys
“Never Comes Down”

1980 The Trash Company
“Electra Glide”

1980 The Russians
“Anything She Wants”

1980 Girls at Our Best
“Getting Nowhere Fast”

1980 Devo
“Whip It”

1980 Pink Military
“Degenerated Man”

1980 Siouxsie and the Banshees
“Happy House”

1980 Rude Kids
“Next Time I’ll Beat Björn Borg”

1980 The Petticoats

1980 UK Subs

1980 Modernettes

1980 Wilma & The Wilbers
“Poor Little Joey”

1980 Blitz Boys
“Eddy’s New Shoes”

1980 The Vapors
“Turning Japanese”
1980 Cindy & The Gidget Haters
“Pogoin’s for Me”

1980 Pink Section

1980 Cameras in Cars
“Avoid a Void”

1980 Nubs

1980 X
“Los Angeles”

1980 The Prats
“Disco Pope”

1980 Blondie ‎
“Call Me”

1980 The Stripes (Germany)
“Weekend Love”

1980 The Mad

1980 Boys Boys (Japan)
“Control Tower”

1980 Carambolage (Germany)
“Tu Doch Nicht So”

1980 Bush Tetras
“Too Many Creeps”

1980 Typhus (Japan)
“香港ガール” → “Hong Kong Girl”

1980 Anorexia
“Rapist in the Park”

1980 The Nixe (Netherlands)
“You Say”

1980 Pink Plastic & Panties (Netherlands)

1980 Sado-Nation
“Mom & Pop Democracy”

1980 Animals & Men
“Terraplane Fixation”

1980 Lene Lovich

1980 Mögel (Sweden)
“Håll Mig Hårt”

1980 Delta 5

1980 The Mockingbirds

1980 Pink Section
“Jane Blank”

1980 The Red Crayola
“Born in Flames”

1980 Kandeggina Gang (Italy)
“Sono Cattiva”

1980 Nikki & the Corvettes
“He’s a Mover”

1980 The $taff (France)
“Goody Goody Bye Bye”

1980 The Shivvers
“Teen Line”

1980 Delmontes
“Tous Les Soirs”

1980 Chandra (Age 12)

1980 Y Pants
“Off the Hook”

1980 The Alley Cats
“Too Much Junk”

1980 F-Systems

1980 Young Marble Giants
“Wurlitzer Jukebox !”

1980 Student Nurse

1980 Art Object
“Ride the Metro”

1980 Toxicomane
“This Nice World”

1980 Pylon

1980 Reverse

1980 Elti-Fits
“Going Straight”

1980 Kitchen and the Plastic Spooons (Sweden)

1980 Devo
“Turn Around”

1980 Vice Squad
“Latex Love”

1980 The Fall ‎
“Totally Wired”

1980 Microfilm

1980 VS.
“Magnetic Heart”

1980 Kirsty and the Husbands
“Sitting in a Disco”

1980 Reesa and the Rooters ‎
“Ultra Man in Surf Villa”

1980 Ama-Dots
“Hit Girls”

1980 Reesa and the Rooters
“Guru Eye”

1980 Kate Fagan
“I Don’t Wanna Be Too Cool”

1980 Mad Tea Party (Japan)
“Hide and Seek”

1980 Kas Product ‎

1980 Occult Chemistry

1980 Girls At Our Best
“Warm Girls”

1980 Velly Joonas (Estonia)
“Stopp, Seisku Aeg!”

1980 The Sound
“I Can’t Escape Myself”

1981 Black Flag
“Six Pack”

1981 The Partisans
“Police Story”

1981 Holly and the Italians
“Youth Coup”

1981 This Heat
“Makeshift Swahili”

1981 The Rats

1981 Ludus
“My Cherry Is in Sherry”

1981 Inflatable Boy Clams

1981 The Replacements
“Takin’ a Ride”

1981 The Gun Club
“Fire Spirit”

1981 Vice Squad
“Last Rockers”

1981 DNA
“Blonde Red Head”

1981 T.S.O.L.
“Sounds of Laughter”

1981 The Specials
“Ghost Town”

1981 Amy & the Angels
“I Hate Being in Love”

1981 The Adolescents

1981 New Order
“Dreams Never End”

1981 Die Hausfrauen (Germany)
“Midnight Rain”

1981 The Crowd
“Pleasure Seeker”

1981 Playthings (New Zealand)

1981 Agent Orange

1981 Unit 4
“Hidden Faces”

1981 Marine Girls
“In Love”

1981 The Flips
1981 Black Flag
“Rise Above”

1981 Plastix (Austria)
“Konsumier Mich”

1981 Angelic Upstarts
“Last Night Another Soldier”

1981 The Particles
“Remington Rand”

1981 Anarchy 6
“Slam, Spit, Cut Your Hair, Kill Your Mom!”

1981 Crass
“Bata Motel”

1981 Stolen Power
“Little White Lies”

1981 Mydolls
“The Rapist”

1981 The Rats
“Kids Are Kids”

1981 J.F.A.
“Blatant Localism”

1981 The Moderates
“Bus Girl”

1981 Cadgers (Finland)
“Punainen Vaara”

1981 DA!
“Dark Rooms”

1981 Androids of Mu
“Bored Housewives”
1981 Ministry of Marriage

1981 Bitch Band No I
“Drop the Bomb”

1981 Black Flag
“Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie”

1981 Disturbed Furniture

1981 Elegi (Sweden)
“Kärnfamiljen I Kärnexplosionen”

1981 Neonbabies (Germany)

1981 Wallsockets (New Zealand)

1981 Life in the Fridge Exists (New Zealand)
“Have You Checked the Children”

1981 The Mistakes
“16 Pins”

1981 The Rats

1981 Crash Course in Science
“Cardboard Lamb”

1981 Holly and the Italians
“I Wanna Go Home”

1981 Ideal (Germany)

1981 Delinquents
“Food Free Food”

1981 I. U. D.

1981 Wilma
“Fast Fascist”

1981 The Nixe (Netherlands)

1981 Maximum Joy ‎

1981 Foams
“Paint Me”

1981 Mother’s Ruin
“Dreamy Teeny”

1981 Flipper
“Ha Ha Ha”

1981 Cyclones
“You’re so Cool”

1981 Nichts (Germany)

1981 Ronnie and the Rhythm Boys (Australia)
“I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend”

1981 The Dancing Cigarettes
“Burn in Heaven”

1981 ESG
“You’re No Good”

1981 Real Insects
“In the Ruins of Your Body”

1981 The Avocados
“I Never Knew”

1981 Tin Twist
“Stupid Cars”

1981 Andreas Dorau & Die Marinas
“Fred Vom Jupiter”

1981 Ixna
“Mi Ne Parolas”

1981 The Better Beatles
“Penny Lane”

1981 Pel Mel
“No Word From China”

1981 Toxic Shock (Australia)

1981 The Big Combo
“21 Girls”

1981 Tarzan 5
“Boys Game”

1981 Mannschreck (Germany)

1981 Vivien Goldman

1981 Club Tango

1981 F-Systems

1981 Jr. Chemists
“Building a Fort”

1981 Bärchen Und Die Milchbubis

1981 Ana Hausen

1981 A-Gen 53 (Austria)
“(Scheiß Auf) Lila”

1981 Vital Disorders
“(Let’s Talk About) Prams”

1981 Östro 430 (Germany)
“Sexueller Notstand”

1981 XL Capris
“Shark Horror”

1981 Karen Marks (Australia)
“Cold Café”

1981 The Donns
“Double Agent”

1982 Bad Brains
“Sailin’ On”

1982 The Dead Kennedys
“Government Flu”

1982 少年ナイフ → Shonen Knife (Japan)
“バーニングファーム” → “Burning Farm”

1982 Misfits
“Mommy, Can I Go out and Kill Tonight?”
1982 Tru Fax and the Insaniacs

“Love Love Love”

1982 The Adicts
“Joker in the Pack”

1982 25 Cents (New Zealand)
“The Witch”

1982 Malaria (Germany)
“Your Turn to Run (I Will Be Your Only One)”

1982 The Shitlickers

1982 Pulsallama
“The Devil Lives in my Husband’s Body”

1982 Dizzy and the Romilars

“Push Button Drive”
1982 Abrasive Wheels
“Vicious Circle”
1982 Dogmatic Element
“Just Friends”
1982 Fear
“I Love Livin’ in the City”
1982 Maneaters
“Nine to Five”

1982 Bad Brains

1982 Catastrophe Bizarre (Netherlands)

1982 The Beastie Boys
“Egg Raid on Mojo”

1982 The Visible Targets
“Just for Money”

1982 Bad Religion
“We’re Only Gonna Die”

1982 Legal Weapon
“Daddy’s Gone Mad”

1982 Fang
“The Money Will Roll Right In”

1982 Nichts (Germany)
“Tango 2000”

1982 The Vandals

“Wanna Be Manor”

1982 The Exploited
“Fuck the USA”
1982 Malaria! (Germany)
“Geld” (Money)
1982 Bauhaus
“Bela Lugosi’s Dead”
1982 GBH
“Sick Boy”

1982 Y Pants
“That’s the Way Boys Are”

1982 Descendents
“I’m Not a Loser”

1982 The Wrecks
“Punk’s an Attitude”

1982 Faith/Void Split

1982 Naked Spots Dance (New Zealand)
“Governed by You”

1982 MDC Millions of Dead Cops
“John Wayne Was a Nazi”

1982 Angry Samoans
“Time Has Come Today”

1982 The Last Resort
“Working Class Kids”

1982 Negative Approach
“Negative Approach”

1982 Dangerous Birds

1982 Electric Deads (Denmark)

1982 Q4U (Iceland)

1982 Oh-OK

1982 Riistetyt (Finland)
“Laki Ja Järjestys”

1982 Bona Dish
“8 AM”

1982 Nukketeatteri (Finland)
“Lopettakaa !!”

1982 Flipper
“Sex Bomb”

1982 Saboten (Japan)
“エメラルドの山彦” → “Yamahiko Yamada of the Emerald”

1982 Scratch Acid

1982 Screaming Sneakers
“Violent Days”

1982 Insisters (Germany)
“Wild Thing” (Cover)

1982 Big Boys

1982 Ama-Dots

1982 Send No Flowers
“Playing for Time”

1982 Judy Nylon and Crucial
“Jailhouse Rock”

1982 Jungle Nausea

1982 Bad Brains
“The Regulator”

1982 The Raincoats
“Go Away”

1982 Dress up as Natives
“Had to Be There”

1982 Sara Goes Pop
“Arab O Habab of Arabia”

1982 Danny & the Parkins Sisters
“War (Is on Your Doorstep)”

1982 Non Band
“Duncan Dancin'”

1982 少年ナイフ → Shonen Knife (Japan)
“奇跡” → “Miracles”

1982 Mag & the Suspects

1982 Tee Vee Pop

1982 Moscovite Five

1982 Crazy Hearts
“Adrenalin Control”

1982 Kontrola W. (Poland)
“Bossa Nova”

1982 Chalk Circle
“Side By Side”

1982 Zona (France)

1982 Tee Vee Pop
“Double Acting”

1982 Paralisis Permanente (Spain)

1982 Your Funeral
“I Want to Be You”

1982 Trümmerfrauen (Germany)

1982 The Ankh
“Before Success”

1982 Mood of Defiance
“Empty Me”

1982 Masoch (France)

1982 Isolierband

1982 The Adicts ‎
“Viva La Revolution”

1983 Wipers
“Over the Edge”

1983 Social Distortion
“Another State of Mind”

1983 Chalk Circle
“The Slap”

1983 Suicidal Tendencies

1983 Glorious Strangers
“Move It Time”

1983 Discharge
“Death Dealers”

1983 X-Teens
“Tonight Tonight”

1983 One Way System
“Stab the Judge”

1983 Vicious Visions
“I Beat You”

1983 Daniel Johnston
“Speeding Motorcycle”

1983 Anti-Nowhere League
“So What”

1983 The Avengers
“Thin White Line”

1983 The Berlin Wall
“No House”

1983 Asbest

1983 ESG
“You Make No Sense”

1983 The Comes (Japan)
“Public Cicle”
1983 Hüsker Dü
“Everything Falls Apart”
1983 The Fall
“Hotel Blöedel”
1983 Execute
1983 The Gymslips
1983 Legal Weapon


1983 The Stains
“Pretty Girls”

1983 The Business
“Streets Where You Live”

1983 Subhumans

1983 Peter and the Test Tube Babies
“Blown out Again”

1983 Bad Brains
“Right Brigade”

1983 Pauk (Bosnia)

1983 Ultra Violent
“Crime for Revenge”

1983 Void
“Who Are You”

1983 XMal Deutschland

1983 Unicef (Finland)

1983 The Comes (Japan)
“さらけだせ” → “Let Go”

1983 The Nurse (Japan)
“ナース” → “Nurse”

1983 Unknown Gender

1983 Eskorbuto ‎(Spain)
“Mucha Policía, Poca Diversión”

1983 CAIN (Japan)
“カイン – さつき病” → “Cain-Satsuki’s Disease”

1983 Maniacs

1983 Boy Trouble
“Party Girl”

1983 Vulpess (Spain)
“Me Gusta Ser Una Zorra”

1983 Violators
“Summer of ’81”

1983 Rudimentary Peni
“1/4 Dead”

1983 Kebab

1983 Bad Brains
“Banned in D.C.”

1984 GG Allin
“Live Fast Die Fast”

1984 Unknown Gender
“Either Yes or No”

1984 Black Flag
“Family Man”

1984 Ut
“Sham Shack”

1984 The Oppressed
“Skinhead Girl”

1984 Les Calamités (France)
“Toutes Les Nuits”

1984 Minutemen
“This Ain’t No Picnic”

1984 Get Smart!

1984 Gas (Japan)
“魔女裁判” → “Witch Trial”

1984 Saccharine Trust
“Peace Frog”

1984 The Pandoras
“You Don’t Satisfy”

1984 Meat Joy

1984 Bastards (Finland)
“Arvoisa Yleisö”

1984 Scorched Earth Policy (New Zealand)
“Green Cigar”

1984 Kuro (Japan)
“Who the Helpless”

1984 Youth Brigade
“Sink with California”

1984 Oxz (Japan)
“Be Run Down”

1984 CRIME
“Piss on Your Dog”

1984 Lost Cherrees
“Living in a Coffin”

1984 Black Flag
“Slip It In”

“Waiting Room”


1984 Isolation Ward (Belgium)
“Meat in Motion”

1984 Rattus
“Live Leeds”

1984 Tales of Terror
“Chambers of Horror”

1984 Oxz (Japan)

1984 Cock Sparrer
“Runnin’ Riot”

1984 Agnostic Front
“Victim in Pain”

1984 Chin-Chin
“We Don’t Wanna Be Prisoners”

1984 Scorched Earth Policy (New Zealand)
“Too Far Gone”

1984 Rövsvett (Sweden)

1984 Hagar The Womb

1984 Discharge
“The More I See”

1984 7 Seconds
“Definite Choice”

1984 The Flying Lizards
“Sex Machine”

1984 Black Flag
“My War”

1985 The Kick (Switzerland)
“I Got a Gun”

1985 Fecal Matter
“Kill Buffy”

1985 The Adult Net
“Searching For the Now”

1985 Rites of Spring

1985 Rubella Ballet
“See Saw”

1985 XIT
“Silent Warrior”

1985 Look Blue Go Purple (New Zealand)
“Circumspect Penelope”

1985 Crude SS (Sweden)
“Destroy Capitalism”

キャ→ Slapdash (Japan)

1985 Mobs (Japan)
“Projection of Astral Body”

1985 Electrified – Fukuko (Japan)
“Golden Gate”

1985 Nisses Nötter (Sweden)
“Victims of the War”

1985 Mellakka (Finland)

1985 Devo ‎
“Girl U Want”

1985 ‎Conflict
“Protest to Resistance”

1985 Ataque De Caspa (Spain)
“Viaje A Egipto”
1985 Pohjasakka (Finland)
“Tapa Sotilas”
1985 Black Flag
“In My Head”
1986 Pixies
“Broken Face”
1986 Aventuras De Kirlian (Spain)
“Una Historia”
1986 We’ve Got A…. Fuzzbox…. And We’re Gonna Use It!!
“Rules & Regulations”
1986 Gang Green
1986 Mercenárias
1986 Big Black
“Crack Up”
1986 Sham 69
“If the Kids Are United”


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